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founded in December 2017, by the Bionic Institute dai Zhendong professor talent team and lishui District government, is committed to promoting bionic technology innovation and industrialization, incubation, introduction of innovative enterprises.  Construction planning 6 years investment operating funds 50 million yuan, provide 5000 square meters of office space.  


Institute for bionic industry as the core technology, relying on the university of southern Denmark, bionic functional materials of jiangsu province key laboratory of nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics, national one thousand "youth" 2 people, Dr., master's high level research and development personnel more than 30 people, around the bionic intelligent bionic sensing, new material, bionic robot such as direction, collection industry demand,  We will carry out product development, technological breakthroughs, application of achievements, platform building, talent gathering, and international technological exchanges.  To build innovative design laboratories for sensing technology, testing, tribology and bionics to promote the combination of science, research, production and application.  Around DuoWeiLi sensors, scientific experiment instrument, the human control grinding machine system, the glass curtain wall cleaning robot, the gecko robot, narrow space inspection robot, bionic adhesion material and application, bionic thermal materials and devices, lightweight structural materials and biomimetic technology training to carry out technical research and innovation achievement industrialization.  


At present, the Institute has applied for 8 international patents, 61 invention patents, 34 utility models and 1 appearance patent. The total number of patents at present reaches 110, including 9 invention patents, 3 international patents, 1 appearance patent and 19 utility model patents.  In total, 7 projects and products are being developed and implemented.  


The research Institute is one of the first batch of new RESEARCH and development institutions that have passed the certification of "Two landing and one integration" in nanjing in 2019.  Operating company for Nanjing Li Aviation Bionic Industry Research Institute Co., LTD., is located in Nanjing Lishui District Lishui Industrial New City Yunhai building, 15 minutes from Nanjing Lukou Airport, 30 minutes from Nanjing South Railway Station, convenient transportation, beautiful environment.  




As the core part of the calibration device - load beam: its design is exquisite, simple and practical, to ensure the continuity and accuracy of force transmission.  Its 8 installation screw holes of 45° uniform distribution make the installation position of L-shaped loading beam 45° adjustable, so that the application of xF and yF load can be realized. The l-shaped shape design makes the loading device not only realize the application of single force, but also can complete the simultaneous application of torque and single force in different directions and sizes according to the needs.  The structure design of the device satisfies the load state required by the calibration of the six-dimensional force sensor.  After that, 8 hemispherical loading pits arranged around the l-shaped loading beam ensure the accuracy of the loading direction by point-to-point contact.  

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